Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey People,

Hey People,

I tried out my fraps in the weekend and got some footage of me soloing a Hurricane in my Myrmidon and then me a 2 friends kill a Sleipnir, Hurricane and a Typhoon. I was in my Myrm again and my friends were in an armor Hurricane and a Stealth bomber.

I edited out the boring bits but if you have any suggestions on how to improve the video please let me know and i will do it a bit differently on my next one.  So far the only comment is to speed the game play up. Any others?

Video Linkage

Ok so now that i have fraps and a 2TB external to record to i will try and make my blog a little more visual by making some short vids and taking some screen shots.


So last night just before down time i took my alt into a quiet part of space and observed a couple of want to be pirates in a Navy Slicer and Ishtar killing a Hurricane on the sun, but by the time i had got Mitch logged on and into a ship they had moved on.

I jumped Mitch into 'The Creep' (Dual rep domi of power) and headed into low-sec to find these evil people. Just two jumps out i find them and they are doing a Plex of all things so i warped The Creep straight on top of them and as i land they put there tail between there legs and run!

I let them regroup and by this time ItsmeHck1 had turned up in his drake with some loki bonuses. (i love the Loki boosts)

I warped The Creep to do some Creeping on the sun with a plan of a good fight. It was going to be my corp member and NZ Badass Max in his Ishkur, Itsme in his drake and me in The Creep vs an Ishtar, Drake and Abaddon.

Sitting on the sun the Ishtar land 70km off me and with only 5 mins left on the server we did not have time to waste. Itsme lands and burns to him and with the 40km Loki boosted point he catches him. With me still burning for him his mates in the Drake and Abaddon lands and is only 5km off me the drake burns out of scram range before i can lock him but i catch the Abaddon.

Whilst Creeping on the Abaddon Itsme starts hitting armor in his drake and warps out leaving just me and max to deal with then for now.

With The Creep tanking like a champ they switch fire power on to Max and with no points on him he warps out before they can do any real structure damage.

Itsme warps back in and we finish off the Ishtar and kill the abaddon, with only the drake left on grid and 2mins left on the server we kill the drake and loot the field.

It was a close fight for Itsme ending the fight with around 40% armor left on his drake and Max dipping into structure in his Ishkur.

Battle Report (password to the killboard is Bandits if any one likes leaving comments)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where did he go??

Hey Guys/Gals,

So where have i been these last few months and what have i been up to?? I shall tell you but first looks at what i killed last night he was sitting on the sun at 0km scanning, lol.

My last post here was some 4 months ago now and at that time i was running around with The Tuskers having lots of fun etc, until one day i decided to take a bit of a PVP break. With my alt in a corp by her self i decided to make a post on the forum to see if there were any fellow aussies/kiwis to join me for some fun.

A few weeks later my one person alt corp had grown into a 20 strong high sec corp of miners and mission runners. Then as per usual a high sec PVP corp deced us, i take a PVP break only to have it come back to me. With the majority of the corp being miners and non combat trained i advised all not wanting to fight to drop corp into an NPC one, a few did but ANZAC spirit is strong and most wanted to fight.

On the first night of the dec i got prepared with my nuet domi and my little fleet comprised of a armageddon, Harbi and a (poorly fit) arbitrator. My scout spots the enemy on the gate and we warp to enguage them, they were in Typhoon, domi and a tengu.
We land on the gate and target the typhoon we start shooting and the tengu jumps in at range and he domi warps in point blank. Being non combat focused we did not stand a chance and get slaughtered.
Really it dose not help the fight when 1/3rd of you dps starts shooting our own side, you know who you are, lol.

At this stage i thought Bugger it and went power ratting in my main and in a day or two he goes from -10.0 to -3.4. Once he is in high sec i join him up to the war and took the fight to them. I chase one of them to a station and wait for him to undock, as he dose his dram got pwn into armor and he docked. Suddenly the war was retracted and it was the last we saw of them.
After this little dec some of my corp members caught the PVP bug and started to trian there skills.

Now just to shorten this post up, what am i doing now??

Now i am back in Night Bandits with a few new friends and a couple of older ones and have been dropping into low sec killing people and training some of the newer members on how the PVP thing works.

I am also going to make a video!! that's right, but what of?? What would you like to see???

Thanks for reading

Mitch o/

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Spider Tanking Punisher

Hey guys, Last night just after DT Kishin, Etuura and me decided to fit up and test out my new Punisher fit.

Never inserted a picture into here before so hope you guys can see it lol.

Just to chuck some stats at you guys:
DPS - 80 (OH YEA)
EHP - 9K
TANKING - 79DPS each Punisher RRing you!!

Well with the impressive stats we headed out on our test flight.

We undocked from station and with nobody else in system to test them on we enlisted the help of our friendly neighbourhood sentry guns.

Great success it works, we were unable to prema tank sentries but we could last a little bit, just one more punisher and we could lol. After the sentry gun test we headed to the sun and shot at each other to test it out and with 2x RR we could tank 2x frigs \o/ YAY.

After the great success and our feeling of invincibility the three of us headed straight to Adrian to try and find a kill and after some scanning warped to a drake doing a mission.

We land at the acceleration gate and activate it, once inside the mission we find the drake 70km off us. Kishin was fastest and closed the gap and grabbed point we lock each other up ready to get the RR going, but alas the drake goes boom!!

We point the pod and try for a ransom, the pilot stalls and he has his mate warp the the mission to kill us. OMG over kill he brings in a vindicator  overkill much!! we kill the pod and warp off to a safe before the vindy can volly us lol.

With our feeling of invincibility reinforced with our great kill we decide to take on another drake in a bet. very brave sue to the fact (after a quick check of his combat history) he was anti frig fit with extra webs and assault missiles. we land and get point on him, a friendly griffin come in and jambs out the drake and we start working on him.

DAKKA DAKKA a hurricane lands and starts over powering Etuura's punisher, since the drake is jambed i give the call to get under the canes guns, with success Kishin and i do it but now webbed beyond help the cane volleys the last of Etuura's punisher down, the vindy pilot comes back from before in and interceptor and drives our griffin off the Field. With only Kishin and me left on the feild vs an anti firg drake, armor cane and interceptor i give the call over comms to scream like little girls and die to the enemy.

Here is the battle report, all i can say is we got our moneys worth in our superior lolage and WE MUST DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

Thanks for reading lol

Mithc o/

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Happend??

Well i lost all my steam and stoped posting on my blog, just like a car that ran out of gas i just stoped.
Good news is i will be posting again soon just you wait!!

Things to come:
  1. My themed roams once weekly. (you are welcome to join in, i will post start location and ship type)
  2. Flying the ships requested by you guys (still doing it just... well.... yea).
  3. More Epic Griffin Adventures lol!!!
Mitch o/

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Breacher - First Encounter

As i undocked my buffer Breacher "Hull Breach" i set my sights on bagging a kill.
My little Hull Breach warped around but to no luck dead quiet and any one around dock at the sight of its awesomenessity (yes it is that awesome i can make up words).

Latter in the day a few corp mates and i got a fleet together and tried to kill all humans. With me in my mighty Breacher i set to join them. The aim of the fleet was to engage anything as the Breacher will over power all and we will be saved, we were wrong.

We sat Butternut in top belt in his myrm and waited, while the rest of the fleet sat on the gate ready to pounce. I decide to go afk to get a drink and some hot cross buns, i come back to screams as the fleet has jumped in and have tackled a harbi and they need the assistance of the mighty one, our fleet of awesomenessity took down the harbi, then a myrm landed and the shit hit the fan. We started dropping like flies, first poor Butternut in his myrm and then i actually had a Hull Breach and went down. We then lost Ronans Zelot and Vons Rifter, the only lucky survivor was Kishin in his Crusader.

Keep a look out for the Hull Breach as it will be up and running again, i haven't finished with it yet!!

Mitch o/

PS> I will be posting about the going ons of the fleet after this as it got awesomely crazy, (i just need the logs off my computer at home).

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Breacher - Fitting The Frame

So as i have planed it already and have the ships i am going to try out the Breacher "Mr The Frame". I will try out the Bellicose next when i have T2 projectiles ( 9 days left woot ) i have fits planed and am all ready to go just need the T2 skills.

So at first look the Breacher seems pretty harmless and very flimsy. It has a 10% to explosive missile damage and 5% bonus to em, kinetic and thermal, it is pretty obvious how i will fit it.
With the lack of power grid and low/mid slots it is hard to fit a sizable tank to it, this is what i have planned.

Fitting One - This will be the first fitting i will try out, close range, higher damage out put fit. It has 133 DPS and 3.8k EHP but is quite slow at 870m/s. The plan is to get in and try and hold range at max scram distance (around 9km). it will be interesting how this ship preforms as it stats are not to bad, we will see the week.

Fitting Two - This is pretty much the same as fitting one just an armor rep instead of a 200mm plate, i will also try out a duel rep like the Navitas with no prop mod and dual rep. There is a serious lack of armor hit points available, but it will have to be tested.

Fitting Three- As with rockets having to short range for a feasible kitting set up i have made this set up with light missiles. With 73 DPS it will be a bit slower and killing a target but going at 3100m/s it should be able to stay out of harms way. It has some cap issues so i have down graded the T2 disruptor to a meta 4 so save some cap and a T1 MWD, This will give me a bit over a minute worth of cap, i will be pulsing the MWD once at range to have enough cap to hold point.

So i have two fits to try wish me luck i may need lots of it with this ship.
I have a crop friend that want to join in as i test this ship so there may even be some duel Breacher kills.

Mitch o/

PS> I have started a new poll so please vote for the next ship to be tested.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Navitas - The Mighty One Has Fallen

I logged on last night with an aim to kill all, i failed.

I started off the afternoon fitting up my first Hawk. I got only two jumps out and to my chances tackling a Loki and Myrmidon. Lots of nuets, webs and warrior drones later..... my Hawk was no more.
I re-shipped into my Drake but when i went back the Loki and Myrmidon were gone. I warped to a station and was meet by a Brutix who engaged me i heated my Defence and took to it. He had me at half shields i had him at half armor, he was repping my damage but i was breaking him, he hit low structure as i hit armor. The mighty Brutix repaired a chunk of armour and my poor drake went down. Soo close! would have won if i had the range from the start, but i was scrammed and webbed.

So after some of my better ships failed me i thought how can my mighty Navitas loose. I undocked and there was a Ishkur (it can only go well from here), I can do this i thought locked him up, launched my drone heated everything and.............He docks! What is this!! after a bit of station games, him docking then me docking etc we bumbed horns.
We Locked each other up i launched my drone he launched his five, i heated my guns and reppers and set to work. Boom, direct hit i may win this!! then clack his blasters fire along with his drones. So now there i am sitting in a pod how did i loose such a fight??

A moments silence for the fallen.

What have i learned from flying the Navitas so far. Well the main thing is don't engage a Ishkur or anything with drones........ or guns.
It was a blast flying the Navitas, a lot of laughs had, so many laughs i think i grew a six pack and i even fell off my chair a few times.

For my next ship i want you to decide. (as always)
I have put all the suggestions i have got so far into a poll, you will see it in the side bar so get voting!!


Mithch o/

PS> Please place a comment of any ship you would like me to try!! (as per this post)