Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey People,

Hey People,

I tried out my fraps in the weekend and got some footage of me soloing a Hurricane in my Myrmidon and then me a 2 friends kill a Sleipnir, Hurricane and a Typhoon. I was in my Myrm again and my friends were in an armor Hurricane and a Stealth bomber.

I edited out the boring bits but if you have any suggestions on how to improve the video please let me know and i will do it a bit differently on my next one.  So far the only comment is to speed the game play up. Any others?

Video Linkage

Ok so now that i have fraps and a 2TB external to record to i will try and make my blog a little more visual by making some short vids and taking some screen shots.


So last night just before down time i took my alt into a quiet part of space and observed a couple of want to be pirates in a Navy Slicer and Ishtar killing a Hurricane on the sun, but by the time i had got Mitch logged on and into a ship they had moved on.

I jumped Mitch into 'The Creep' (Dual rep domi of power) and headed into low-sec to find these evil people. Just two jumps out i find them and they are doing a Plex of all things so i warped The Creep straight on top of them and as i land they put there tail between there legs and run!

I let them regroup and by this time ItsmeHck1 had turned up in his drake with some loki bonuses. (i love the Loki boosts)

I warped The Creep to do some Creeping on the sun with a plan of a good fight. It was going to be my corp member and NZ Badass Max in his Ishkur, Itsme in his drake and me in The Creep vs an Ishtar, Drake and Abaddon.

Sitting on the sun the Ishtar land 70km off me and with only 5 mins left on the server we did not have time to waste. Itsme lands and burns to him and with the 40km Loki boosted point he catches him. With me still burning for him his mates in the Drake and Abaddon lands and is only 5km off me the drake burns out of scram range before i can lock him but i catch the Abaddon.

Whilst Creeping on the Abaddon Itsme starts hitting armor in his drake and warps out leaving just me and max to deal with then for now.

With The Creep tanking like a champ they switch fire power on to Max and with no points on him he warps out before they can do any real structure damage.

Itsme warps back in and we finish off the Ishtar and kill the abaddon, with only the drake left on grid and 2mins left on the server we kill the drake and loot the field.

It was a close fight for Itsme ending the fight with around 40% armor left on his drake and Max dipping into structure in his Ishkur.

Battle Report (password to the killboard is Bandits if any one likes leaving comments)

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